Posted Jan 11, 2019 4:57:07 PM

Rodless - WH - Group- OutlinedFor almost any large project, typically the hardest part is getting started—with so many decisions to make and alternatives to consider, the process can quickly become daunting. For industrial automation engineers, this can be especially true in choosing a linear actuator. Linear actuators are available in a wide range of types, sizes, capabilities, and protection levels. Sorting through these available options to arrive at the best linear actuator solution for a project can sometimes require assistance from the manufacturer.

Fortunately, Hunt Valve Actuator has a variety of tools and knowledgeable engineers available that can jump-start the actuator selection and design process. Making the best use of these tools and personnel, however, requires gathering some information on the application’s requirements in advance. Examples of some key bits of information include:  

  • The load the actuator will see, and in what fashion (conveying, pressing, pivoting, etc.)
  • The travel length and travel speed/time to appropriately achieve the action
  • The duty cycle and desired lifespan of the actuator
  • Any environmental considerations that may require additional protection or corrosion resistant materials

Selecting the most appropriate linear motion solution helps to minimize downtime, reduce initial and maintenance costs, and enhance system efficiency. The Hunt Valve Actuator Sizing Tool Checklist brings together the data and technical knowledge base to determine the best linear actuator selection for a project’s demands. This checklist also offers a fast and easy way to get started on the selection process, even if some requirements are unclear at the forefront of the project.

Once the Actuator Sizing Tool Checklist is completed to the best of ability, it can be emailed to for review. The experts at Hunt Valve Actuator Division will use it to work with you to determine the optimal solution for your application. Need help answering the checklist questions? Just call us at (540) 857-9871. Hunt Valve Actuator Division specializes in designing electromechanical linear motion systems that deliver superior performance and longevity. From off-the-shelf products to completely customized solutions, we pride ourselves in our ability and willingness to work with customers to find the best solution capable of achieving the unique requirements at hand. 

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