Posted Feb 14, 2018 4:24:18 PM

Hunt Valve Actuators and Elwood Motors Partnership


When building a mechanical linear system, what if you could not only work with one of the best companies that specializes in designing linear motion solutions, but also combine the electromechanical actuator(s) and motor(s) you need in one convenient bundle? Now you can!

Hunt Valve Actuator Division is partnering with Elwood High Performance Motors to provide the optimum actuator-motor combo that can support a wide range of applications. Hunt and Elwood are well-versed in creating systems that are proven to get the job done with accuracy and precision. From controlled conditions to rugged, extreme terrains, we’ll create the solution that fits your specific needs.   

Whether you need a standard offering for both the actuator and motor or a completely customized solution, Hunt will pair the right electromechanical actuator with the corresponding motor for your application so you can save time and have one less thing to think about. Hunt has the expertise and experience to ask the right questions in order provide the most efficient solutions.

Conveniently bundle your Hunt Valve Actuator Division electromechanical actuator with an Elwood motor and feel confident that both will work together as the cornerstone of your linear motion system. Learn more about our actuator and motor pairings and request a quote. Contact us for questions or if you have specific customization needs.

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